Productivity Awards

Does your business have what it takes? We’re looking for companies that use their resources to the best of their abilities – to build our economy and improve the lives of all South Africans for the better.

The Productivity Awards, recognise and reward companies that epitomise the highest qualities and attributes of productivity. Since the mid-70s, Productivity SA has awarded over 100 enterprises within the public and private sectors – applauding their efforts in improving and sustaining productivity. Productivity SA is committed to improving productivity and creating jobs, thereby enhancing economic growth, social development and a higher quality of life for all South Africans.

We recognise the same traits and accomplishments in other organisations, and through our Productivity Awards, we salute them for making our country a better, more productive place.

Productivity Awards aim to:

  • Inspire a competitive and productive South Africa.
  • Promote productivity across all South African industries.
  • Raise awareness about the role of productivity in growing and strengthening our economy.
  • Promote Productivity SA’s highly-specialised programmes, and its outcomes-based solutions – developed to assist struggling companies.
  • Increase South Africa’s competitiveness globally.

The Awards are divided into four categories:

  1. Corporate Sector.
  2. Public Sector.
  3. Emerging Business Sector.
  4. Cooperative Sector.

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