What is Productivity?

Productivity is more than just the measure of how effectively resources are used to produce outputs. It is all about using less to create more – to work smarter, not harder. Productivity is a mindset that continuously aspires to better ways of accomplishing tasks and conducting business. At the heart of productivity is the individual. An organisation can only become more productive through continuous upgrading of knowledge, skills, discipline, effort and collaboration.

The Benefits of Increased Productivity

For South Africa:

  • Creation of employment.

  • Poverty alleviation.

  • Reduction of inequality.

  • Improved economic efficiency.

For Organisations:

  • Creation of employment and opportunities.

  • Investment in advanced technology.

  • Better pay and working environments for employees.

  • Increased contributions to society with a higher tax quantum.

  • Enhanced support for social causes.

For Individuals:

  • Job security.

  • Better opportunities.

  • Better wages.

  • Greater social mobility.

  • Efficient use of resources.

  • Better quality of life.

For Individuals – We believe productivity should be a way of life – for everyone, not just specialists. No matter who you are or what you do, you play an important role in making our country more competitive.

Tips to improve productivity in you work and home life:

  • Make a conscious decision – every day – to have a positive attitude towards everything that comes your way. A positive mindset moves mountains, and a motivated person can be up to 60% more productive. 

  • Plan your day. Make a list of priorities and tick them off as you complete them. This ensures that you stay focused on the tasks at hand, and helps you reach your goals. 

  • Be prepared. Go through your list and make sure you have all the tools you need to complete your goals the first time. 

  • Prioritise. This allows you to concentrate on the important goals first, and avoids wasting time on less important tasks. 

  • Multiply your productivity by delegating and sharing your goals and mission with your team or family.

  • Do productivity checks. Ask yourself: “Is this the best use of my time today?” If it is not, stop doing the task and delegate it to someone else, or schedule it for another day.

  • Be innovative. Get creative and think of better ways of doing things at home, work or play – to streamline your life. 

  • Set yourself a goal to get things done, and stick to it. You’ll enjoy an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you achieve it. 

  • Take accountability for your actions. That way you’ll make sure you are more productive by doing things 100% right, the first time. 

  • Lead by example. If you save on wastage and use your resources more effectively, including your time, people notice the results and will follow suit.