“With the help of the WPC programme, we have taken ownership of production issues. The new skills-matrix technique is helping employees develop to be more versatile. Overall, it has improved staff motivation.” ‒ Senior Operator at DPI Plastics, Skumbuso Ngwenya

“The WPC has given me the tools and techniques to address conflict situations and solve problems more effectively. It has improved my people and communication skills, inspired me to be a better listener and to encourage team building.” ‒ Team Leader at Kalahari Desert Products, Simon

“Thanks to the WPC, the Health Connection employees have a better team spirit. Our Monthly Business Meeting (MBU) meetings allow us to solve problems and implement innovations that simplify our work.” ‒ Employees at the Packing Department of Health Connection Wholefoods

“It is very satisfying to see production performance increasing, and rejects decreasing. The new performance-indicator system motivates staff to perform better. People take pride in being singled out as the performer of the month.” ‒ Shift Supervisor at JMV Textiles, Aaron Sibisi

“We are working smarter, not harder. Communication has improved, and we work together to solve problems, come up with new ideas and control quality.” ‒ Dye House Clerk at JMV Textiles, Cheryl Chundriah

“We now know what the business expects from us and the important role each staff member plays. Our jobs are easier, because employees are empowered to solve their own problems.” ‒ Employee at the Wet Mill, Merensky Hardwoods

“The WPC programme has reduced pressure on supervisors, and I can see a big improvement in the attitude of our employees in the sense that they act more responsibly.” ‒ Supervisor at the Dry Mill Store, Merensky Hardwoods, Frieda Matlala

“Personally, I feel that I have grown as a manager and leader. I have the highest confidence that we will succeed in whatever projects we undertake.” ‒ Team Leader at Process Automation

“The Workplace Challenge programme has helped our company achieve more than we thought possible. We no longer waste time. The new performance system helps employees understand what they have achieved, and as a result, motivates them.” ‒ Team Leader at Sondor Sebenza, Richard Mathaba

“The WPC programme has enabled the company to ‘manage visually’. Because our employees’ skills have been developed, they take more responsibility for things like calculating material yields and preventative maintenance.” ‒ Production Manager at Sondor Sebenza, Fahiem Davids

“The mentorship programme is excellent because it allows a person to develop within the company. If things continue to grow as they have, then I would like to be a Floor Manager in a few years.” ‒ Employee at Vithale Electrical, Chris le Roux

“Workers’ skills and their work life have improved. Employees can see what they have achieved, which gives them a sense of pride.” ‒ Supervisor at Sondor Sebenza, Manuel Maseko