Legaci – a small but superior, award-winning dry cleaning and laundry service company with 32 employees and three shops (one industrial plant) – approached Productivity SA’s Workplace Challenge Programme to realize a dream to franchise throughout Africa. Since joining the WPC Programme the following toolkits have been implemented – Goal Alignment Toolkit, Cleaning and Organising.

Achievements since joining the WPC Programme include role clarification in all levels, a common purpose has been identified and finally the employees feel that they all own their own vision.

Soft results of the Cleaning and Organising toolkit include the simplification of training, a registration process of incoming and outgoing work has reduced customer complaints, Legaci has started to eliminate wastage.

Other tangible results:

• Overall costs have been reduced significantly .
• Cleaning & Organising (5S) Process has already produced valuable results, in terms of a reduction in customer complaints related to dry cleaning.
• Employees are looking forward to the remaining Toolkits of Teamwork and Leadership.