Dirang Mmogo Business Enterprise (DMBE)

Dirang Mmogo Business Enterprise (DMBE) – a specialist environmental company that provides holistic environmental management services to the public and private sector – turned to Productivity SA’s Workplace Challenge Programme to help them increase their overall productivity.

Embracing all that the Workplace Challenge Programme covers, DMBE quickly jumped into action by attending various workshops, including a best practice workshop and implementing the 10 best operating practice steps. It didn’t take long for DMBE to identify areas that urgently needed attention, these included, machine breakdown due to poor maintenance and equipment loss resulted in high costs and loss of valuable operating hours. Poor on-site customer service, caused by staff who were unable to assist customers without a manager being present.

The results:

- Since implantation of the systemic line/strip cutting method, DMBE has reduced wastage from 50% to 10% and shown a 50% improvement in time management.
- WPC charts measuring quality, delivery, safety, costs and moral have assisted in showing savings and performance improvements to staff members.
- Staff have been empowered to assist customers when managers are not available.
- The cleaning and organising toolkit has improved stock control and reduced equipment loss.
- Staff now receive various incentives and benefits, directly influencing the overall moral and willingness of staff to be more productive.
- Overall improvement in terms of sales, cleaning and organising throughout the business.

The hard work was well worth it as on 27 September 2016, DMBE was recognised as the winner of the North West Regional Productivity Award for outstanding performance in the emerging sector.

What’s next?

- Mini-Business Units are due to be implemented to encourage teamwork and group assessment.
- Better communication has directly resulted in higher workplace moral and a general sense understanding.