Abagold ‒ an international cultivator, processor, producer and marketer of quality abalone ‒ invested in Productivity SA’s Workplace Challenge Programme to improve their overall productivity, communication and sense of responsibility among staff.

Through guidance and support, we helped the company realise their goal of becoming a high-performance organisation. As a result, Abagold instilled a practice of self-management and a mindset of continuous improvement and innovation throughout all divisions ‒ and the organisation as a whole.

Continued efforts and a tireless resolve to inspire innovation ensured incredible results for the company, and they reaped the rewards. In 2014, Abagold received Productivity SA’s National Innovation Award, and the Western Cape Regional Productivity Award.

“The award is testament to the dedication of Abagold’s employees. Internally, the programme is referred to as ‘The Abagold Way’, as it defines how we work, rather than being a project with a start and end date. We are grateful to Productivty SA for their fantastic support and guidance.” ‒ CEO of Abagold, Christo du Plessis

The results:

  • A rise in production and profit.
  • Use of minibusses has facilitated the flow of measurable information to all operational levels.
  • Enhanced monitoring ability of all 180 operational and business departments.
  • More streamlined communication across all divisions – between management and employees, as well as minibus units ‒ resulting in better information sharing, healthy debates and new ideas.
  • Improved engagement and motivation among staff ‒ better understanding of job roles and expectations, how they add value to achieving the wider business goals, and what constitutes waste of productivity.
  • Improved employee attendance ‒ due to greater commitment and involvement.
  • Improved safety performance.
  • Marked improvement in employee participation and involvement, resulting in pride, confidence and healthy competition.