Productivity Organisational Solutions (POS)

Productivity Organisational Solutions (POS) is Productivity SA’s training division, and offers numerous hands-on, skills-based training workshops to organisations and individuals in the government, business, labour and entrepreneurial sectors. Our training is aimed at giving employees a better understanding of productivity, and how to actively increase it in their organisation. We believe in sharing knowledge and skills, because without practical implementation by dedicated people who have the know-how, enhancement of productivity will never occur. Productivity SA provides five action learning solutions to equip small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) with the right skill, know-how and attitudes to implement systems and procedures that improve productivity, profitability, size and scale, job creation and organisational competitiveness.

Our courses provide individuals – such as first line managers and entrepreneurs in SMMEs – with productivity competencies that can be implemented immediately to improve their businesses.

1. Business Performance Improvement Workshop (BPIW)
As an action learning solution, the BPIW aims to improve growth and profitability, and create employment. The course trains people how to:

  • Increase sales.
  • Maximise profits.
  • Reduce operational costs through high-speed and quality improvement.
  • Eliminate wastage.
  • Develop early warning systems to detect problems before they arise.

2. The Business Start-Up Workshop (BSUW)
Designed to assist Micro enterprises and cooperatives adopt an entrepreneurial approach to all aspects of a new business, the BSUW is an action learning solution that teaches individuals to:

  • Understand productivity and how to measure it.
  • Define and relate to entrepreneurship.
  • Identify characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Understand relevant legal compliance.
  • Identify sources for start-up capital.
  • Understand his/her business plan.
  • Implement an action plan relevant to their business.

3. Productivity Capacity Building Programme (PCBP)
The PCBP is specifically developed for SMMEs in Southern Africa. It was developed at a National Consultative Conference of key stakeholders in September 2002 – which provided input on the content and delivery approach of the programme.

This programme focuses on:

  • Promotion and encouragement of entrepreneurial behaviour.
  • Life skills.
  • The individual and the team.
  • The individual and work.

This learning programme is based on a SAQA registered unit standard NLRD 114877, NQF Level 4, 8 credits.

4. Training of Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)
Productivity SA trains Skills Development Facilitators (SDFs) and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve productivity in their own, or other, businesses.

The expected outcome of the project is a group of SDFs that have a productivity mindset, and action productivity improvement plans that allow them to assist businesses, and analyse their economic performance, labour market and changing skills needs.

SDFs will be taught the Productivity Values, which include:

  • Efficient and effective use of resources. 
  • Continuously seeking better ways to do things.
  • Time management.
  • The correct completion of tasks the first time, every time.

After completion of their training, SDFs will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what productivity is.
  • Measure single and total factor productivity.
  • Assess the causes of current levels of productivity.
  • Measure both the qualitative and quantitative factors that influence productivity, and determine their influence on profitability.


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