“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” – Paul Meyer

World Productivity Day is a worldwide observance on 20 June 2021 to enhance or improve productivity. Being actively productive at all times can be challenging, but at Productivity SA, we believe it’s a mindset that continuously aspires to better ways of accomplishing tasks and conducting business.

If you’re in charge of an organisation, or a department(s) thereof, it requires focus to a great extent on keeping things efficient, eliminating waste, and finding ways to streamline operational processes. Support in achieving this is abundant; for example, Productivity SA’s Enterprise Development and Support Programmes. Why do we want to develop and support organisations? For the utmost reason that productivity enhances our economy – a strong correlation between national productivity and levels of unemployment, crime, poverty, education and living standards exist.

Individual Productivity

Productivity is essential to leading the best possible life because it’s aimed at “Doing what I do today better than I did yesterday, and even better tomorrow”. There are many benefits associated with increased productivity for South Africa, organisations, and individuals.

We live in an age where there are guides and tips to improve productivity in your work and home life with just a simple search. We covered a couple of articles on productivity too, such as Be Productivity Intelligent in 2021 with These 5 Tips, Productivity: A way of living, for all, not just Productivity SA’s, and Train Your Brain – 5 Tips To Being More Productive, among others.

Organisational Productivity

The guides and tips mentioned above are very efficient when successfully implemented into one’s lifestyle, but how does an organisation become productive coherently? It could be tedious and time-consuming, but Productivity SA specialises in identifying problem areas and starting action plans to solve them. Our services aid organisations in keeping every business aspect on track and moving smoothly while reaching full productivity potential and remaining competitive.

We’ll briefly highlight these services –

  • Business Turnaround & Recovery (BT&R): is a proven programme designed to solve business challenges effectively. We use trusted methods to analyse distressed organisations and take practical steps to successfully revive and restore them to functional, profitable enterprises. Organisations that benefited from this programme with outstanding results are Eat Smart Organics, Promptique Trading 7 cc, and Sasekisani Primary Co-operative.
  • Workplace Challenge (WPC): aims to actively encourage and support negotiated workplace change to improve productivity and job creation. Success stories from this programme with outstanding results include Abagold, Beekman Super Canopies, Dirang Mmogo Business Enterprise, Fabchem, Gasket and Shim Industries, Legaci, Rickard Air Diffusion, The Blinds Syndicate, and Tshedza Concrete Art.
  • Research, Innovation and Statistics (RIS): The functions of the research unit include generation of productivity and competitiveness specific research, publishing research reports, productivity statistics and case studies, and conducting seminars and disseminates information to various business entities, including the government. The objective of the research unit is to provide decision-makers in various enterprises with information and knowledge to improve the competitiveness and productivity of economic sectors.
  • Consulting Services: Productivity SA’s consulting services focus on improving process efficiencies by establishing performance standards and developing strategies to achieve and maintain such standards and optimising the utilisation of resources ‘consumed’ in the process of service delivery or manufacturing. The key emphasis is on waste reduction and the improvement of work methods to reduce resource requirements.

For more information on productivity, our services, including our Competitiveness Improvement Services (CIS), or any other productivity-related questions, email us at info@productivitysa.co.za.