World Energy Conservation Day is a day to emphasise the conservation of energy and raise global awareness about climate change. Each year on 14 December, this day is celebrated to bring awareness to the overconsumption of energy throughout the world.

In honour of World Energy Conservation Day, we’ll be discussing how to save energy in the office. Not only do the practices help conserve energy, but they also help save businesses money. While many companies believe that being environmentally friendly will cost them more in the long run, this is exactly the opposite.

Many people in 2021 still don’t realise that the ways we use energy every day contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, which are gases like carbon dioxide or methane released from burning fossil fuels that trap heat within our atmosphere, creating an overall warming effect on Earth’s surface.

The United Nations (UN) states that if we continue at our current rate, by 2040, we will be using twice as much oil and gas as what remains available for us to use! They also state that 80% of all electricity used in buildings is wasted because there are no efficient ways to manage temperature control and lighting.

Let’s work together to reduce climate change by making small changes that will have a big impact on our global energy footprint! Here are some simple tips to get started.

Energy-saving tips for the workplace

  • Business owners should invest in an energy audit to determine how much energy is being consumed and where adjustments can be made to save energy. Eskom has an Energy Advisory Service that guides and assists with your business’s energy management requirements, free of charge. Whether you are looking to increase your productivity, need advice on the latest energy-efficient technologies, or would like to assess your current tariff, Eskom Energy Advisory Service could help you save costs, grow your operations through optimised energy use, and help reduce your carbon footprint. Explore these free services here:
  • Ensure that all equipment used in the office is energy efficient. South Africa has Appliance Standards and Labelling regulations that assist consumers in purchasing energy-efficient electrical devices.
  • Turn off machines and lights when not in use. Switching off lights not only saves energy but also extends lamp life. Remember to turn off computers, monitors, printers, and copiers outside business hours.
  • Replace your lights with LEDs or energy-efficient bulbs. LEDs use about one-tenth the wattage and last 50 times longer than incandescent lamps.
  • If possible, rather make use of natural daylight in the workspace and dim indoor lighting.
  • Switch off outdoor lighting during the day.
  • Open windows for fresh air and lessen the use of air conditioners.
  • Do regular maintenance on all heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Consider investing in solar panels to power your offices/building.
  • Educate and encourage employees to reduce their carbon footprint at work and home.
  • Plant trees outside the office.

People often forget that they can conserve energy from their workplace as well as their homes. Many people think that changing certain habits at work won’t be worth the time or effort, but in reality, there is a lot of motivation for employers and employees alike when it comes to saving energy! By implementing these simple changes into the office environment, we can all start conserving energy, reducing costs, saving time, and lessening our carbon emissions.

Join the global conversation about conserving energy in all spheres of life. Read and learn more on energy-saving here:

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