July is Nelson Mandela Month! Annually, the Mandela Month movement calls on people globally to take action and inspire change. It provides the perfect opportunity for all to reflect on Madiba’s life and times, promote his legacy, but also reflect on our actions to #TakeActionAgainstPoverty.

Just as our icon and late former president led the revolutionary struggle for freedom and democracy in South Africa, Productivity SA promotes productivity, employment growth, economic growth and ultimately, a better sustainable country.

Unfortunately, this requires more than 67 minutes on Sunday, 18 July 2021, on Mandela Day. It requires valuable actions yesterday, today and tomorrow, and collective efforts from all levels in attaining and maintaining the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

Making a Difference

We believe that Productivity SA’s strategy to unlock productivity and potential for improved competitiveness and sustainable growth makes a difference. We acknowledge the fact that every individual, regardless of background, race, culture or language, deserves better working conditions and better living standards. Therefore, we support our legend’s quote – “Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all.”

Our Enterprise Development and Support Programmes – Business Turnaround & Recovery Programme (BT&R), Workplace Challenge (WPC), Competitiveness Improvement Services (CIS), and Research, Innovation and Statistics (RIS) – are evidence that we are taking action to inspire change. We welcome collaborations and partnerships to get involved for SMMEs to gain support in every way possible.

We believe that South Africans and young people, particularly, have more significant opportunities to change our environment and communities for the better, help us grow our economy, and contribute to creating a prosperous country. Hence, our focus on entrepreneurs facing challenges that large enterprises don’t necessarily encounter.

Inspiring Change for SMMEs

We encourage all to support us in a different approach to doing things. We recommend focusing on these three strategic pillars over The Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) 2020 and towards 2030:

  • An Integrated Training and Skills Development Ecosystem that encourages life-long learning, with the active involvement of organisations in the governance of skills systems to ensure that the supply of skills responds to labour market needs.
  • An Integrated Enterprise Development Ecosystem to improve enterprises’ competitiveness and sustainability, with a focus on SMMEs. Helping SMMEs to restructure and move up the productivity value chain through well-coordinated assistance programmes.
  • An Integrated Research and Innovation Ecosystem that ensures productivity and competitiveness related to value-added information and statistics to inform evidence-based planning and monitor and evaluate the impact of our interventions.

Why are we so focused on these three pillars? Because South Africa has the following problem areas resulting in low productivity growth, competitiveness, and economic growth:

  • The lack of a national productivity-enhancing policy mix and strategy/framework and policy cohesion to expand the productive assets in our economy by investing in people’s skills and in an environment where all firms across priority economic sectors have a chance to succeed.
  • The lack of a productivity mindset and culture, and accountability to unlock the country’s productivity potential at all levels (national, sector and enterprise).
  • The lack of countrywide appreciation of the value that productivity has on sustained economic growth and competitiveness.

We call on all individuals, groups, communities, businesses, organisations, enterprises and government to support the pillars mentioned above. Join the movement of nationwide productivity by promoting a culture – this new mindset could pave the way for so much more such as highly paid jobs and a more inclusive society.

Contact us for more information, and let’s succeed together!