In a world where creativity has been all but lost, it’s important to remember that creativity is an essential part of productivity. Some people may think they are too busy to be creative or don’t have the time, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Creativity and productivity go hand in hand, and when you find ways to use your creativity throughout your workday, you’ll find yourself more productive than ever before!

Creativity is an important part of the workday. Whether it’s through brainstorming, generating ideas, or coming up with creative solutions, creativity can help you get your best work done. The more you use your imagination and think outside the box at work, the more productive you will be.

January is International Creativity Month and celebrates the power and importance of creativity not only in your everyday life but also in your career or business. In order to get back into a creative mindset for this year, here are some ways to get that inspiring spark back again:

  • Create a stimulating atmosphere. It’s easy. Working in a creative space will encourage creative ideas. Try and create a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere if you own a business. Having an office that’s colourful, open, tidy, well-light, etc., really does contribute to the overall vibe and energy of a workspace.
  • Have a space for creative brainstorming. Have an allocated space at work for creative brainstorming sessions with employees and/or co-workers. Having whiteboards or even putting down some large writing papers for sporadic ideas that might come to mind in the lunchroom can help.
  • Make time for creative thinking. Creativity is often overlooked as a priority. Make time in your schedule to listen to podcasts, watch videos, maybe attend creative workshops, or just have a session with colleagues to think outside of the box.
  • Encourage unique ideas. Let employees or co-workers know that their thoughts and ideas are valued and that no idea is too “different”, “way-out”, or “big”. Employers should promote individuality.

Every day we face new problems, and these hurdles require new solutions that require thinking innovatively. Thinking creatively will help you develop better solutions, increase sales opportunities, and set you apart from competitors.

Creativity is what lets us express ourselves in our own unique way and allows for new ideas to be formed. Therefore, it’s so important to cultivate creativity in order to improve your productivity at work.

Creativity makes for a fulfilling career because it helps us grow as people and professionals. It also allows us to do our jobs better by thinking outside the norm. Creativity doesn’t happen on its own, though; it needs time to develop in order to make a difference in how we approach projects at work. That means taking time out every week for creative pursuits like reading books, watching inspiring videos like TED Talks, listening to podcasts, or attending workshops that inspire new thoughts.

We are there to help you think outside of the box and would love to help with your business’ productivity and progress. Learn more about Productivity SA’s services or get in contact if you have any questions or requests.