Heritage Day is celebrated annually in South Africa on 24 September. We celebrate the diversity of our cultures and languages. It is a day of reflection on our comprehensive heritage and culture, but let’s not forget our productivity…

We must inspire all citizens to take pride in living in our country and encourage dialogue around cultural differences, poverty, employment growth, and global competitiveness. Productivity SA, as a juristic person with a mandate to promote employment growth and productivity, wants to encourage everyone to not only appreciate the past but to collectively contribute to the future.

Rest Today, But Plan For Tomorrow

It might be Braai Day and a good excuse not to work and spend time with family and friends, but ensure to plan for tomorrow at the end of it all. We are where we are, thanks to our heritage, our people but also to those around us, whether purple, pink or yellow.

Think about it for a second. Can you imagine your world, even your working world, without Albert, Farida, Godfrey or Nandi? Perhaps yes, but we doubt it. Each and everyone fills out big shoes, perform massive tasks, and carries heavy weights – working towards the same goals.

These goals differ from every company, organisation, government and institution; however, we are all working towards the same goal eventually – making South Africa a better place for all.

How Do We Plan For Tomorrow?

Whether in everyday life or in a business, planning for the next steps is vital. Especially if we want to see a thriving economy that will positively impact the livelihoods of millions of people.

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Enjoy a productive Heritage Day, fellow citizens!