Productivity SA is established in terms of section 31 (1) of the Employment Services Act, No. 4 of 2014 as a juristic person with a mandate to promote employment growth and productivity. Our vision is to lead and inspire a productive and competitive South Africa.

Our Business Turnaround and Recovery (BT&R) Programme, as part of the Enterprise Development and Support Programmes, is supported by our functions:

  • Promote a culture of productivity in the workplace;
  • Facilitate and evaluate productivity improvement and competencies in workplaces;
  • Support initiatives aimed at preventing job losses;
  • Measure and evaluate productivity in the workplace (and the economy); and
  • Maintain a database of productivity & competitiveness systems & publicise the same; and undertake productivity-related research.
  1. BT&R Programme Overview

The Declaration of the Presidential Jobs Summit (October 1998) outlined a Turnaround Solutions Programme (now called Business Turnaround and Recovery) to prevent job losses or a decline in employment. The recent 2018 Job Summit is supported and aligned to the economic reconstructing and recovery plan and UIA s5(d) as amended.

  • Intent: The programme is intended to provide non-financial assistance to different organisations and companies to increase productivity, profitability, and service, as well as to save and retain existing jobs.
  • Assist: The programme seeks to assist:
  • The potential applicant in financial and/or operational distress and/or decline.
  • There must be a reasonable prospect to turn the company around.
  • Inspire: BT&R also seeks to inspire enterprises to be more vigilant about issues relating to job retention to mitigate on-time performance/productivity decline that increases the likelihood of job losses.
  1. Is Your Business In Need of The BT&R Programme?

How could you possibly know? If you answer yes to these questions:

  • Is your cash balance continually running lower?
  • Has your business suddenly and surprisingly become unprofitable?
  • Do your sales consistently miss goals?
  • Is it ever a challenge to make payroll?
  • Are suppliers and creditors calling you about past-due bills?
  1. BT&R Qualifying Criteria

  • Currently contributing to the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund)
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Two years in operations
  • Two years financial statements (audited or independently reviewed financial)
  • Financial distress and/or decline as is confirmed by a financial assessment
  1. BT&R Detailed Process Flow

In case you need more information about the BT&R Programme, follow the link to Justice Tshifularo’s presentation on World Entrepreneurs Day 2021, where he outlines:

  • The Legislative Mandate;
  • The Situational Analysis;
  • The Post COVID-19 Outbreak Impact Mapping;
  • The BT&R Business Model; and
  • Regional Contact Details.

If your company is struggling or your employees are at risk of losing their jobs, we can help. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at