Let’s grasp the fact that business success can’t happen without employee engagement… Employee engagement is a timeless priority for any business, and when you’re able to get it right, the positive impact echoes across the whole organisation. The value of engaged employees has adapted to the effects of the global pandemic, economic uncertainty and even political anxieties. These workplaces have evolved to stay competitive and even thrive in challenging circumstances.

Engagement is the proactive path forward, but what is the evolving employee engagement trends for 2021? Join us as we point out the 4 big, not-so-obvious employee engagement trends for the year.

  • Compassion in the workplace

It’s not checking on employees to see what they are doing, but how they are doing. Compassion, understanding, and genuinely caring for employees is the investment into authentic employee engagement. Embracing humanity is critical, especially when we know we’re in for more change this year. The organisation can benefit from shared and unique challenges when compassion is inspired.

Organisations without an empathetic culture will have major difficulty retaining talent. This year is the time to demonstrate a sincere commitment with every employee interaction – from hire to retire.

  • Mental health awareness

Health and wellness is a massive employee engagement trend. Both are incredibly complex and relevant for 2021 and beyond. Many employees have struggled with mental health issues stemming from Covid-19, which doesn’t account for the long-term ripple effect that’s yet to be seen. Your employees need more support for their health and wellness even if they don’t communicate this directly. Making health awareness a part of your culture for the future should be considered a top priority – meditation app, therapy consultation, running shoes, exercise equipment, meal delivery, etc.

  • Purpose and sense of belonging

Diverse teams are smarter and perform better, and inclusive organisations are far more innovative and tend to be more profitable. A sense of belonging has reached a pivotal moment of importance concerning employee engagement because employees care about whether an organisation are inclusive and fosters a culture of belonging for everyone, and organisations can’t hide unfair or exclusionary practices due to social media and the internet making it virtually impossible.

Consistency and honesty also play a significant role here. Organisations should maintain a continued effort to be transparent and consistent with employees putting purpose at the organisation’s heart. Building a foundation for a healthy culture will create the crucial set of shared values and a sense of belonging that aligns and motivates the team, increasing productivity.

  • Increased benefits and recognition

Maybe this is an obvious trend but not in the sense we’re about to explain. Working from home might seem as more ‘flexible’, but the global crisis has created and intensified work-life balance challenges for many employees. Parents and caregivers face the challenge of staying competitive while dealing with added pressure.

Surface office-level peaks like free lunch in comparison to substantive benefits is what employees actually need. Employees need their employers to step-up to fully engage with comprehensive healthcare, paid time off and parental leave, wellness allowances, help with child/elder care, food delivery, ergonomics, etc. This will become much more valuable to employees.

The above-mentioned ties in with recognising wins, big or small, building individual self-esteem and overall team morale. It sends the message that we value each employee and that their work matters – and who wouldn’t want to do their best work in that environment?

It’s one of the most critical factors in employee engagement, in fact, highly engaged employees are 2.6 times more likely to work in organisations with a peer employee recognition program.

Consult with us today to help build your organisation’s employee engagement for 2021 and beyond.