Transnet Summary Report

Transnet Project Process and Outcomes Evaluation Report 2014–2018

Employment Services Act, No. 14 of 2014 through developing relevant productivity competencies as well as facilitating and evaluating productivity improvement in workplaces. In carrying out this mandate, POS was commissioned by Transnet to undertake implementation of an Enterprise and Supplier Development programme, whose aim it was to increase the competitiveness, capacity and capability of participating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through skills transfer, with the view to empowering previously disadvantaged individuals and enterprises. The provision of non-financial support to SMEs in the supply chain of Transnet is meant to build their operational capabilities, efficiencies and effectiveness.

Productivity SA’s funding from the fiscus has decreased, necessitating the organisation to explore ways of revenue self-generation in order to sustain itself. Thus, the organisation must strengthen its ability to deliver on revenue generating programmes like the Transnet project in order to close the funding gap. The problem is that return on investment and outcomes from the Transnet intervention programme remain unknown. More specifically, the interventions have never been evaluated in terms of their effect on business results, except the verification exercise undertaken by Transnet in December 2019. This was the first in the five years the project has been operational. Because of the lack of evaluation, the effort put into intervention and development has been measured in terms of actual target numbers achieved instead of return on investment.