Productivity SA signs agreement to improve productivity in Limpopo province

A programme to improve businesses’ productivity capacity in Limpopo

To : Members of the media
Date : 15 February 2021

The department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, has entered into a multi-party agreement with Productivity SA, Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) and the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) to implement productivity and competitiveness programme in Limpopo province. The purpose of this programme is to enhance and support the productive capacity and operational efficiencies of local businesses and cooperatives through their business cycle in order to accelerate wealth, create decent employment, business expansion, save jobs and embrace the value of productivity in the working environment. This resonate well with the Departmental strategic mandate of promoting economic development and growth in the Province.

The agreement will see LEDET, LEDA, SEDA and Productivity SA co-sponsor this initiative, which will span over three-year period ending in 2022/23 fiscal year. All the provincial stakeholders to the agreement are responsible for managing and implementing the programme, and with LEDET playing coordinating role. The target and or beneficiaries for this programme include Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs), corporations and Cooperatives in either sector of the provincial economy that shall meet the minimum criteria.

The agreement will leverage on previous collaboration which saw LEDET and Productivity SA implement a “Train the Trainer productivity improvement programme” to implement productivity Capacity building programmes that led to LEDET assisting Productivity SA reach out to 67 cooperatives and 85 SMMEs by implementing productivity improvement tools.

The agreement will see the multi-party partnership providing support to companies facing economic distress through the Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme (BT&R) and improving competitiveness of companies through the Workplace Challenge Programme (WPC). Economic distress may include financial or operational difficulties, which at worst may result in an employer contemplating dismissal of employees. The agreement will also include the Kaizen and Six-Sigma

The economy of South Africa like many other economies globally, has been impacted by the effects of Covid-19 and forced into a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th IR), which is characterized by rapid globalisation, disruptive technologies, the growth of the digital economy and the changing worker attitude and values. All these things are radically reshaping the world and the future of work.

Limpopo Province seeks to enable a productive and competitive economy within a sustainable environment and improve quality of life for all. This will be achieved through targeted interventions that will position Limpopo in the right trajectory in its quest for economic growth.

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Limpopo Economic Development, Environment & Tourism