How the Workplace Challenge Programme is helping to Maintain and Create Jobs in SA

Productivity SA is responsible for developing three key programmes that are focused on solving common workplace challenges that hinder productivity. One of these key programmes is the Workplace Challenge Programme – a programme that has been celebrated since 1995 for helping to maintain and create jobs in South Africa.

What is the Workplace Challenge Programme?

The Workplace Challenge Programme was conceptualised in 1995 and has since played a role in improving productivity in over 250 companies. It is a 24-month programme and a joint initiative of Productivity SA, the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and the National Economic Development & Labour Council (Nedlac).

It has proven to be a fantastic solution for improving competitiveness, profitability and productivity in companies from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, forestry and service businesses.

The Workplace Challenge Programme is geared towards promoting four aspects essential for success:

1. Leadership Practices:
The goal is to improve teamwork and participation flexibility by involving those on the shop floor in the improvement of company performance.

2. Quality, speed, cost and morale.

3. Continuous learning to facilitate growth.

4. Inspiration by involving employees within smaller businesses in a cluster with larger companies.

According to Productivity SA CEO Mothunye Mothiba, “The WPC facilitates the transfer of learning about the application of best-operating practices/world-class competitiveness principles from one WPC company to participants in other companies.” The result is increased knowledge, savvy, motivation and determination to succeed. All of this works to create a recipe to help employees maintain their jobs and do more, which inevitably results in the growth of the organisation and the creation of new jobs.

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